A Property Email Alert is email notification of a new matching property sent to users who’ve registered their property requirements with you. Ideally, this process is automated and doesn’t require human intervention.

Users love Property Email Alerts because they do all the heavy lifting when searching. Sellers, tenants and investors can enter their property requirements online and sit back while new listings arrive in their inbox. It doesn’t provide immediate results, but for the following it’s perfect:

  • Users looking for something very specific
  • Users who want to be notified as soon as a home comes on the market in a sought after area
  • Investors who need an optimised workflow

Benefits for you

So we can see how this facility can be useful for your users, but how does it benefit you?

Reminder marketing
It’s a form of reminder marketing. Your brand is put in front of users who are actively engaging in the services you offer. Best bit? You don’t need to do anything, it’s automated.

First to view
By sending an alert as soon as a property is listed on your system, you are ensuring that you expose the user to the property before they can find it on competitor or portal websites.

Generates website traffic
If you send an alert with just the right information, users will be encouraged to click through to your website. Once there, they may find other properties they previously didn’t consider, engage in new content or investigate other services.

Design considerations

Mobile accounts for almost half of all email opens (and is growing) so ensure it looks good on small screens. Have a look at the design considerations for email in a previous course article.

Design for click throughs
You want to give the user enough information to spark action. The email is not the destination, your website is, so encourage the user to click through and get the full picture online. The below is probably enough to include in the alert:

  • Personal greeting. E.g. “Hi Peter,”
  • A description of what they are receiving so that it’s not dismissed in error.
  • Basic property details including price, location and key features.
  • A summarised description.
  • Agent details.
  • A button or prominent link to view the listing online.
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Ensure Property Email Alerts are part of your email strategy to keep your brand in the mind of buyers, tenants and investors. It’s another way to automate email that benefits both the user and your business. Keep the emails short and sweet to encourage traffic back to your website.



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