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A set-and-forget product to boost your exclusive & sole mandate listings, automatically

With Prop Data Fuel you can effortlessly run social media ad campaigns that drive traffic straight to your listings. Stand out to sellers with a stronger sole mandate offering, and increase performance with ease.

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Prop Data Fuel

Boost your website traffic

Drive high-quality traffic straight to your website.

Analytics straight to your dashboard

See social metrics like reach, likes, comments and shares, right in your Prop Data dashboard and seller reports.

Set-and-forget packages

Subscribe once and enjoy completely automated campaigns - seamless, effortless and simple.

Attract more sellers

Provide a stronger sole mandate offering and attract more sellers, while boosting your brand awareness on social media.

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Promotes exclusive/sole/ mandate properties

Up to 85,000 ad views (impressions) Up to 2,000 targeted listing views on your website



Promotes exclusive/sole/ mandate properties

Up to 140,000 ad views (impressions) Up to 4,000 targeted listing views on your website



Promotes exclusive/sole/ mandate properties

Up to 220,000 ad views (impressions) Up to 6,500 targeted listing views on your website

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How it works

Subscribe once

Select the Fuel package that best suits your needs. Need help choosing a plan? Contact us.

Dynamic ad creation

Your ads are published automatically. New sole mandates are added, sold properties are removed.

Your website traffic grows

People click on your ad and go straight to the listing on your website.

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Frequently asked questions

Where will my ads be shown?

Your ads will be displayed across Facebook and Instagram, with a potential reach of millions of people daily.

How long will my ads run for?

Your ads will run continuously, and will be updated automatically with your latest sole mandate listings. Your ads will only stop running should you choose to cancel your Prop Data Fuel subscription.

Can I choose which listings to promote?

Prop Data Fuel is completely automated for your convenience. Your ads will automatically update to include your latest sole mandate listings, which will be added shortly after you add the listing through the Prop Data interface. The opposite also applies, when you mark a listing as sold, it will be removed from your ads.

What happens when a promoted listing is sold?

Your listings will synchronise automatically multiple times per day and make the following updates:

  • Add new listings
  • Update existing listings with any changes to price, description, features, images or status
  • Remove listings archived/deleted or flagged as SOLD


What if I want to promote more properties?

Prop Data Fuel automatically selects your latest sole mandate listings. This strategy broadly drives targeted traffic to your latest sole mandate listings on your website giving your agents a sole mandate product which sets them apart. If there are specific listings you want to promote you can use Flow directly where you can set up a custom campaign.

How do I subscribe to a package?

Fill in the form on this page or contact your account manager. You will be sent a quotation to sign-off on and they will activate your subscription thereafter in your account settings. Your ads will go live the same day. You will be billed monthly as part of your Prop Data subscription.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please reach out to your account manager and they will assist you. Please note there is a 30-day notice period for cancellations. Your campaign will run until the end of the current month.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Please reach out to your account manager and they will assist with the change. Upgrades will be processed immediately and will reflect the same day. Downgrades carry a 30-day notice period.

What happens to my existing Flow account?

You can keep using your current login details to Flow for bespoke single listing or agent profile campaigns. Your Prop Data Fuel subscriptions will also be visible on your Flow dashboard.

Do I need to have a Flow account to use Prop Data Fuel?

You don't need a Flow account to use Prop Data Fuel. You just subscribe once on Prop Data and watch the listing views come through on your website.

Supercharge your sole mandate offering with automated ads that drive real results.

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