We’ve called this section “News”, but we use that term loosely. You can use a blogging or news system on your website to write about anything, as long as it adds value for your users. A film review on the latest Avengers movie is not going to generate quality traffic from the search engines for people interested in your services. But, if you add content in context of your services and it’s engaging, you’ll have an edge over your competition and reap the rewards.


Essential Definitions

Evergreen Content
It's content that retains relevance, just like evergreen trees retain their leaves. It will continue to drive traffic to a website long after it is first published.

What do I write about?

The sky is the limit, really. Almost anything can have a property spin put on it. Think about what is happening in the industry and how it effects your local market. The more localised your article, the more relevant the page will be for the users you want to read it. For example, there may be an event or festival coming up in your area. Write about the event and give advice on how to get the most out of it. “But, that’s not property related”, I hear you say. No, but it’s evergreen content that buyers and tenants interested in your area will find valuable. It also shows that you’re part of the community and that the area is vibrant and interesting. It should be easy to find similar opportunities. Here are some examples:

  • 5 Great restaurants around < your area >
  • Interview the headmaster of X school
  • Up and coming property developments in < your area >
  • 8 Fun winter activities in < your area >
  • Did know this about < your area > - 5 Fun facts

When you think about it, finding content is easy. Generating it is the hard part; let’s dig deeper.

PRO MOVE - Include links to other articles, your area profiles and even property developments from your content. These links will help cement the relevance of your page with the search engines.

Conversational Writing

This is the tricky part. You’re not writing for the search engines. Although you want your content to rank well, in the end it’s real people who are going to read it and who’ll decide it’s success. Remember some of the lessons from “Content for robots and humans”.

Think about how you talk to someone and write in that tone. You want some of your personality to come through. Below are 2 examples of the same idea delivered in very different ways. Which one do you find more engaging?

The FNB JoburgArtFair is Africa’s leading art fair focused on contemporary art from the continent and diaspora. Now in its twelfth year, it continues to strengthen this position by presenting the finest of contemporary African art alongside memorable exhibitions and groundbreaking initiatives.
Hey Jozi, it’s time to get your cultural fix again as we countdown to the FNB JoburgArtFair. First time hearing about this? Where have you been? You’ve missed out on 12 years of the finest contemporary African art, exhilarating exhibitions and ingenious initiatives. Begin practicing waxing lyrical about colour while sipping champagne.


In the age of easily accessible information, it’s crazy not to give your users what they’re looking for and generate quality traffic to your website at the same time. Plan your content strategy and hire a good copywriter if you don’t have the time or talent to execute it. Next up: Quality Listings