As mentioned in Email: Tried, Tested & Growing, promotional emails are still a great way to notify your users about new services, development launches, special offers, events, etc. Use them in conjunction with other channels like social, paid and traditional to ensure you have a good spread across your entire user base.

Almost 300 Billion emails are sent every day. For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $32 (DMA, 2018).
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Cost Effective

Other content that could be included in your newsletter:

Unlike other forms of marketing, email marketing could possibly be the best value for money approach to marketing you can take advantage of. Google Ads cost money, Facebook Ads cost money and advertising on traditional platforms like television and radio can rack up exorbitant bills, however, this isn’t the case with email marketing. Building a database of subscribers is free through your website and social channels. Even walk-in clients (with their consent) should be added to your mailing list. The only real cost would be to have your email professionally designed and developed, which we recommend. Remember email can be very tricky to design and execute.


Design considerations for promotional email are the same as for newsletters and property email alerts that we’ve already covered in this course:

  • Keep it simple
  • Get your message across early
  • Encourage users to click through to your website or landing page (the destination)
  • Make sure it looks good on mobile
  • Use a well-considered subject to help you stand out in a crowded inbox
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Don't spam

Even though email marketing is still considered to be a highly effective tool for marketing your real estate online. It's also not advisable to use spam to achieve this. Only send a promotional email to those who have signed up for it and who want to know about your products or services. If you fail to do so and send your emails out to people who have not given you permission, you will lose credibility, potential sales and even be blacklisted on mail servers (which prevents future emails from being received. Always offer an option for users to unsubscribe.

Drip campaigns

A Drip Campaign is a set of predetermined emails send over time to a user. Some examples of how these can be used are:

  • Introducing a new client to key services when they initially join your mailing list
  • Reminders in the run-up to an event like a new development launch
  • A set of emails, for a new seller, covering how to stage a home

Again, keep these short and to the point so that users can quickly scan the email and click through to your website for more information if they find value in the content.

Automate it

Drip campaigns and other promotional email can be automated based on time or user engagement through a number of tools like Mailchimp and Hubspot. This can be very powerful once set up correctly!


When you want to promote, well, anything really. Use email. It’s cost-effective, easy to automate and can be tracked. Keep your emails short and to the point. Oh and don’t spam! Next up: Email Signatures